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Why Sunrooms Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

At Salem Remodeling Services, we’re confident that we construct the #1 sunrooms Long Island offers. Out of all the local sunroom companies, we’ve put the most energy and passion into honing our craftsmanship and adding new wrinkles to our toolkit.

Adding a patio sunroom to your home is a decision that bolsters your quality of life and increases your home’s value. It’s a win/win scenario all-around.

Think about it. Working with Salem Remodeling Services–who’s already built some of the best sunrooms Long Island has ever seen–gives you all the benefits of the sun without the hassles. 

A patio sunroom gives you a bright, stimulating space to enjoy your morning coffee or lunchtime beverage while protecting you from the irritating buzzes of insects and the temperamental nature of the outdoors. There are no concerns about being hit by a sudden, torrential downpour, nor must you worry about your newspaper falling victim to fierce winds.

All the same, before adding a patio sunroom, you must perform your due diligence. Decide whether your patio sunroom addition makes financial sense and supports your lifestyle before making your investment. 

With the above paragraph in mind, let’s delve further into the topic–or, if you’d rather just speak directly to us, fill out and submit our inquiry form! Or give us a call.

What Is A Patio Sunroom?

A patio sunroom is a structure with glass around it. These rooms have screened openings that homeowners can open and shut based on their preference. 

Other names for a patio sunroom are:

  • Outdoor enclosures
  • Solariums
  • Glass patio enclosures
  • Florida rooms

As glass is the primary material in a patio sunroom, natural light is one of its top features. 

With a patio sunroom, you combine the natural beauty of the outdoors with indoor comfort, providing a welcome buffer between you and nature’s cruelest elements. 

Inside your patio sunroom, you need not worry about overheating, freezing your tail off, getting soaked by a torrential downpour, or being dumped on by a blizzard. Bug bites aren’t a concern either, as you peer into the gorgeous blue sky and do some of your best thinking in the lap of the luxurious outdoors.

Versatile And Affordable Interior Structures

Sunroom companies typically complete their projects after the original home’s construction. 

As we’ve discussed, these renovations offer interior comfort and exterior beauty. However, beyond those broader benefits, patio sunrooms are also versatile. 

Patio sunrooms are available in various configurations and styles, providing a wealth of options to homeowners looking to reap the related benefits. The top sunroom companies account for your home’s current structure and blend the design accordingly. 

As one of the best builders of sunrooms Long Island offers, Salem Remodeling adds the many nuances necessary to ensure your patio sunroom flows with your home. Our attention to detail dictates that we build an aesthetically-pleasing structure that bolsters your house’s appearance instead of seeming like an afterthought. 

There’s then the matter of affordability. Most sunroom companies worth their salt quote cost-efficient prices. In fact, at Salem Remodeling, you can get a Free Estimate. 

This affordability stems from sunroom companies frequently using concrete patriots, wooden decks, or other existing bases to build these structures. Moreover, a patio sunroom usually doesn’t utilize solid shingles. Instead, they incorporate opaque roofs. 

A Patio Sunroom Is The Evolution Of The Porch

One can’t overstate the visibility and openness of a patio sunroom. Yet, many homeowners might think, “don’t I get that from my porch or patio?”

There’s some truth to the above statement. Porches and patios provide a welcome gathering area while simultaneously offering a relaxing spot for solitude. These areas have partial protection in the form of overhangs, but the moment any precipitation or wasps and bees get nasty, it won’t do. 

A patio sunroom is the level up on the porch (or traditional patio)–a perfect area for lively conversations as it is for deep thoughts and contemplation. They’re the porch of a new, more promising tomorrow.

Over the years, sunroom companies honed their techniques to create increasingly impressive structures. Nowadays, the evolved technologies mean the increasingly inventive patio sunroom additions utilize the following advanced, lightweight materials:

  • Engineered roof panels
  • Aluminum
  • Thermally broken, insulated glass
  • Low emissivity, solar-treated glass
  • Air conditioning and radiant heating devices
  • Structural vinyl

A Variety Of Uses

You get to enjoy the outdoors with your patio sunroom without the need to stress over the unpredictable elements.

The above benefit–in and of itself–opens you to multiple ways to leverage your patio sunroom, such as: 

  • Treating your patio sunroom like a spa-like retreat and using it to relax
  • Simply enjoying a beautiful view while shielded from the elements
  • Contemplating and reflecting on your life in the peace and quiet
  • Reading a novel or newspaper while sipping delicious coffee or tea
  • Setting up a home office with plenty of natural light to increase your focus
  • Watching television or listening to music 
  • Providing a safe, vibrant space in which your children can play
  • Spending time with your extended family during outings and get-togethers
  • Playing board games or cardgames
  • Setting up an area for arts and crafts
  • Doing your workout routine
  • Offering a greenspace for birds, plants, or a fish pond

The Top Reasons To Add Sunrooms On Long Island

The only way a patio sunroom can truly prove beneficial is if you can afford the costs. As we’ve discussed, this addition is comparatively cost-efficient. Still, you can successfully lean out your patio sunroom budget even further by taking note of:

  • The patio sunroom size
  • The material used (e.g., wood or vinyl?)
  • Is the room scratch-built? Or will builders construct it from an existing foundation or deck?
  • What are the HVAC and electrical components in the patio sunroom?

Below are other necessary factors to consider:

Where Do You Live?

Some sunrooms on Long Island will cost more because the homes being renovated are in higher-demand areas. 

Where Are You Building Your Patio Sunroom?

Site preparation issues can rear their ugly head when meshing a patio sunroom into your existing structure. Other cost-related problems arise if demolition must occur on older constructions.  

Is Your Patio Sunroom Energy-Efficient?

Upfront, incorporating energy-reduction products and other high-tech solutions is more costly due to the sophistication. Yet, it could reduce costs on your energy bill over the long haul. 

Do You Need Your Patio Sunroom Surfaces Finished?

You’ll drive up upfront costs substantially by adding stone flooring or elaborate millwork to your patio sunroom project. 

Are You Working With One Of The More Reliable And Trustworthy Sunroom Companies?

Reliable, experienced sunroom companies might quote more expensive estimates than start-ups or more ramshackle businesses. Don’t let those costlier quotes scare you because working with sure-handed, trusted craftsmen save you a fortune in the long term. 

Sunroom 3

Looking For The Best Sunrooms Long Island Can Offer? Salem Remodeling Is Your Answer

You deserve the best possible patio sunroom your budget allows, no matter what you can afford. 

Salem Remodeling specializes in cost-efficient solutions that offer exceptional results for homeowners looking for the best sunrooms Long Island offers.

Since 2011, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop our reputation, conveying leadership, distinction, and superiority in everything we do.

We’re proud community members and take tremendous pride in building the best sunrooms Long Island has ever seen. By doing consistently top-tier work, we strengthen our neighborhoods and make Long Island a better place to live for all its residents. 

You can trust us to be forthright and transparent, keeping you informed throughout the project. We will work tirelessly with you to give you the patio sunroom that best suits your home’s existing structure and your specific needs.

If you want your patio sunroom done affordably and with the utmost precision and attention to detail, call us at 631-910-7825 or fill out our inquiry form!